Premium Multipurpose Soft PVC Tape BLUE 19mmx33m

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tesaflex® 4163 multifunctional adhesive tape based on soft PVC

Width: 19 mm

Quantity in roll: 33 m

Color: Blue

Base material: Soft PVC

Total thickness: 130 µm

Adhesive type: Acrylic

Adhesion to steel: 1.8 N/cm

Elongation at break: 250%

Tensile strength: 30 N/cm

Anti-adhesive layer type: Recycled siliconized paper

Temperature resistance: 105°C

UV resistance: 104 weeks

Dielectric breakdown voltage: 7000 Volt

Certified by: US 302

tesaflex® 4163 is a specially formulated soft PVC tape with excellent flexibility. Thanks to the ultraviolet-resistant acrylic adhesive, it is suitable for long-term use.

Main areas of application

Mounting, Correction, Labeling, Connection Binding.

Amount in the roll33m
Adhesive typeAcrylic
PurposeFor electrical insulation

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tesa flex® 4163 Premium Multipurpose Soft PVC Tape red 19mmx33m

Main applications

  • tesa flex® 4163 is used for electrical insulation
  • Suitable for installing, repairing, splicing, or bundling   
  • Available in multiple bright colors, the insulation tape can also be used for marking and color-coding
  • The high electrical insulation makes the tape ideal for the installation and insulation of electrical cables
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tesa flex PVC insulation tape 53988 19mmx20m green

Main applications

  • Ideally suited for electrical applications, e.g. insulating or marking wires
  • Certified according to IEC 60454-3-1 (VDE, IMQ, SEMKO), VOC-certified, RoHS 2.0 and REACH conform
  • Thick backing material (150 μm)
  • High dielectric breakdown voltage (7.000 V)
  • Heat-resistant up to +90° C
  • Available in many different colors and dimensions
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