Vokai siuntoms užklijuojami su puslėta plėvele viduje 220 x 265mm vid. E/15 1 vnt. BALTAS +

Envelopes with padding inside 220x265mm, E15

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Envelopes are sealed for shipments with bubble wrap inside E/15

Envelope internal dimensions: 220 mm x 265 mm

Envelope Material: Paper

Quantity in the package: 100 pcs.

The price is shown for 1 pc.

Padded envelopes are the most convenient packaging for sending various parcels. Inside the envelope is a layer of bubble wrap that additionally protects the contents of the envelope.

Additional packaging - NOT required. All you have to do is put the parcel in the envelope, peel off the protective tape, seal the envelope and the parcel is ready.


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