Double adhesive tape holder up to 50mm

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Adhesive tape holder 

Universal tool for adhesive tape rolls. It can hold either one wide roll (up to 50mm) of tape or two narrow ones.

Mostly used in production and storage.

Because this tool can hold two rolls of tape, you can use two tapes at the same time (for example, tapes of different widths or colors).

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Heavy duty tape dispenser 50mm BLUE

Tool for adhesive tape i K20B

Housing: Metal

Handle: Hard plastic

Maximum adhesive tape width: 50mm

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Adhesive tape holder tesa® 6012

Adhesive tape holder tesa® 6012

Apparatus for single-sided adhesive tape up to 50 mm wide.

Max. tape roll diameter: 145mm

Dimensions: Length: 175mm Width: 67mm Height: 130mm

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