The extra-powerful spray glue tesa 500ml. 60022

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Product description

tesa ® Spray Glue EXTRA STRONG 60022 is an extra strong, film-forming glue for permanently bonding materials such as fabric, plastic, cardboard, foam rubber, insulating materials, vinyl, leather, faux leather and rubber to each other or to metal and wood.

  • Minimal spray mist, resistant to dampness and temperatures up to 80°C, short term 100°C
  • Suitable for light as well as heavy materials with smooth to rough surfaces
  • High bonding range
  • Nozzle can be adjusted to desired spray quantity (H: high, M: Medium, L: Low)
  • Spray direction can be set to either horizontal or vertical
  • Particularly suitable for automotive applications
  • Free from silicone

Color White
Volume 1000ml

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