Modular packing table frame 100x80cm RedSteel

892,96 € tax incl.

737,98 € tax excl.

Production: up to 30 d.

Modular packing table frame

Modularity is one of the most important features of this table. For the main construction, the frame, you can choose various accessories that you will need and that will improve the packaging process. This is a table that should adapt to your company, not the other way around.

Durable aluminum table top

An aluminum countertop is a great solution for a packing table. Unlike all types of wooden countertops, it does not wear out and does not need to be replaced due to the formation of cuts during sharp knife cutting. All side edges are rounded, making this top completely safe.

RedSteel stalo rėmas

Strong and stable construction

All thanks to a steel, welded construction with minimal screw connections for exceptional table strength and stability. You don’t have to worry about the structure moving by itself - there is no such possibility.

Modulinis pakavimo stalas RedSteel

Holders for more efficient work

Holders are an extremely important element of the packing table. They perform two main functions: separating the packaging materials to make them easier to use, and taking care of the proper tension of the packaging materials. This reduces the cost of the film and makes the packaging look more elegant and tidy.

Table adapts to your needs

You can conveniently adjust the height of the accessories hung on the right or left side of the table or on the front vertical wall. This allows you to tune the table to your needs. The adjustment is very simple and only takes a few seconds. Just unplug and connect the parts you want.

Mount, modify, adapt

It’s quick, easy, and has a very positive impact on your company’s packaging process. Most of the accessories we offer can be added at any time so that the table can cope with the changes in packaging methods and keep up with you. It only takes a few seconds to attach or change the attachment height.


The table will stand evenly on an uneven surface

Adjustable legs allow you to precisely level the table on uneven surfaces. It only takes a few moments to set yourself up.


MaterialSteel + aluminum

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