Cardboard boxes (M) 220x170x110mm +

Cardboard boxes 220x170x110mm (M)

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Cardboard box

Internal dimensions: 220 mm x 170 mm x 110 mm (M)

Corrugated cardboard thickness: 3 mm

In the package: 25 pcs.

The price is for 1 piece

Cardboard box, suitable for packing and sending any small items. The box is strong and easy to fold, sold in tiles.

The box is size M, suitable for LP EXPRESS, OMNIVA, DPD and other post machines.

Cardboard layers3 layer cardboard
ModelFEFCO 0201
ProductsBoxes for shipments

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Cardboard box 400x250x500mm

Cardboard boxes

Internal dimensions: 400mm x 250mm x 500mm

Made of strong 3-layer cardboard

Cardboard color: Brown

Corrugated cardboard thickness: 3 mm

Pallet: 500 pcs.

The price is for 1 piece.


The cardboard box is made of 3 layers of corrugated cardboard. Extremely strong and crush-resistant box. Perfect for loading, moving and packing heavy items.

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