Pneumatic box bottom clamping tool B53PN

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Pneumatic box bottom clamping tool B53PN

Dimensions: 920 x 750 x 1350 mm

Weight: 45 kg

Depth: 95 mm

Staple length: 9-15 mm

Anvil height: 1000 mm

Capacity: 312 staples, staples

Maximum pressure: 7 bar

Lubrication: No

If you want to achieve one of the strongest and safest closures of cartons, our Swedish-manufactured B53PN bottom stapler is an obvious choice. It is spacious, ergonomic and has a large loading capacity.

Compared to JK560 and JK561 staples, stapling will be less visible with JK53 staples. Bottom stapler B53PN is a professional tool which is suitable for continuous use in packaging departments and in industry.

Suitable staples:

JK560 35x15mm JK560 35x18mm JK560 35x22mm JK561 32x18mm