Electrical insulation tape tesa® 53988 19mm x 20m

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tesa® 53988 Soft electrical insulating PVC tape for wire insulation and marking

Color: Blue

Width: 19mm

Quantity in rolls: 20m

The tesaflex 53988 electrical insulation tape is a reliable helper for electricians, mechanics and other craftsmen. It has a relatively thick base material, high elasticity and very good adhesive properties (even when glued on steel and at low temperatures).

This PVC electrical insulation tape is suitable not only for insulation and marking, but also for repairing wiring. As the range is available in many colors - red, blue, brown, black, white, gray, green, yellow and yellow-green, it can also be used as an adhesive tape for marking. tesaflex 53988 is certified to all relevant standards and is easy to use.

Main areas of application

Ideal for electrical work, e.g. for wire insulation or marking

Certified and approved according to IEC 60454-3-1 (VDE, IMQ, SEMKO). VOC, RoHS 2.0 and REACH

Thick base material (150 μm)

High voltage throughput (7,000 V)

Heat resistance up to + 90°C

Possibility to choose from a range of different colors and sizes

Technical characteristics

The base material is soft PVC

Total thickness - 150 µm

Adhesive type - natural rubber

Adhesion to steel - 2.2 N/cm

Elongation at break - 240%

Tensile strength - 25 N/cm

Temperature resistance - 90°C

Dielectric breakdown voltage - 7000 volts

Amount in the roll20m
Adhesive typeRubber (solvent)
PurposeFor electrical insulation

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tesa flex® 4163 Premium Multipurpose Soft PVC Tape red 19mmx33m

Main applications

  • tesa flex® 4163 is used for electrical insulation
  • Suitable for installing, repairing, splicing, or bundling   
  • Available in multiple bright colors, the insulation tape can also be used for marking and color-coding
  • The high electrical insulation makes the tape ideal for the installation and insulation of electrical cables
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tesa flex PVC insulation tape 53988 19mmx20m green

Main applications

  • Ideally suited for electrical applications, e.g. insulating or marking wires
  • Certified according to IEC 60454-3-1 (VDE, IMQ, SEMKO), VOC-certified, RoHS 2.0 and REACH conform
  • Thick backing material (150 μm)
  • High dielectric breakdown voltage (7.000 V)
  • Heat-resistant up to +90° C
  • Available in many different colors and dimensions
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Double sided adhesive tape tesa® 64620 50mm x 10m

tesa® 64620 Professional Double-sided adhesive tape

Width: 50mm

Quantity in rolls: 10m

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Very strong, adhesive tape tesa® 4668 50mm x 33m

Very strong, adhesive polyethylene tape tesa® 4668

Base material - PE film

Total thickness - 140 µm

Adhesive type - acrylic

Adhesion to steel - 3.4 N/cm

Elongation at break - 500%

Tensile strength - 20 N/cm

Temperature resistance (30 min.) - 95°C

UV resistance - 24 weeks

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Double sided adhesive tape tesa® 04900 12mm x 33m

Double sided adhesive tape tesa® 04900

Dimensions: 12mm x 33m

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