Thermo PVC shrink film 250mm/750m 15 my 2H7

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Thermo PVC shrink film

Size: 250mm / 750m

Thickness 15MY

Thermo PVC packaging film that is exposed to heat shrink

Film type: Sleeve

Width: 250 mm x 2

Thickness: 15 my

Quantity in rolls: 750 m

Shrinks at: 90°C

Suitable for food packaging

Thermo PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a strong, transparent film that shrinks and adheres to the packaged product when exposed to heat. The thickness and width of the film should be chosen according to the characteristics of the packaged product.  

Thermo PVC film begins to shrink at a lower temperature than other TERMO films, so this method of packaging is also suitable for those products that are not heat-resistant. It is used for the packaging of small products or their packaging. The product is certified and suitable for food contact.

Amount in the roll750m
TypeHalf sleeve