About us


JSC “Ailena” is a modern company offering packaging solutions to industrial firms. Over time we manage to increase the number of implemented orders not only by selling but also manufacturing products.

Our smooth activity, the growing experience in packaging materials field and solid material base of our company has allowed us to purchase quality equipment necessary to carry out the packing materials production processes.

We chose low density polyethylene (LDPE) pellets as raw material for processing and production. By processing LDPE and manufacturing secondary products we take care of nature, protecting it from further environmental pollution with plastic. Currently we produce three types of products using recycled LDPE: polyethylene packaging film, capsules for flowers, garbage bags. We produce a promotional adhesive tape with customer logo using another production materials – two axes oriented polypropylene (PP) and paper (KRAFT). The tape with a logo is designed to protect the package against unauthorized opening. Also it is an important part of our customers’ image and marketing. The tape is coated with a mixture of glues and is quite resistant to cold, so you can pack up and store containers in a dusty or humid environment and its adhesive properties will not be lost.

By expanding the company’s activities we strive to become active participants of packaging materials market not only in Lithuania but also in Europe. With this vision in our work we have been exporting packing materials production to Europe for some time already reaching ever further located and more fastidious customers. We sell products manufactured by ourselves and the range of products for both the larger and smaller orders.


We improve communication in international market by taking an effort to use opportunities to participate in exhibitions in Europe, initiate cooperation and develop it creating long-term added value of our company.

We are flexible and we work under conditions comfortable for our customers, and by constant communication we would ensure sufficient packing material stocks in customers’ warehouses. In order to strengthen the loyalty of our customers we constantly present innovations of packaging methods and materials